Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sherlock - A Study in Pink (TV Series)

Sherlock Holmes is very popular TV series that been created by Arthur Conan Doyle. The series is about one man who is known as Sherlock Holmes. He is a detective who always solve the cases especially crime murder. The question that is he is an emphatic character? For me, the answer is yes because the character that he role is very emphatic person. Its show when he always getting information about cases without easily assumption likes everybody. Everything happened must have its reason and Sherlock try to find that reason. For example, the murder of a woman had been assuming suicide by police investigator based on the evidence that they get. But, for Sherlock, it’s not a suicide and it’s a murder. Why its can be a murder cases? It’s because he not easily makes an assumption from the evidence that had been left but he tries to empathize the assumption by think logically and that is why he is called psychopath because of the higher intelligence thinking. That is the evidence that I can give to show that Sherlock is emphatic character in the series of Sherlock Holmes.

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  1. i think your blog too simple, but nice explanation :)