Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ancient Allien - The Evidence

State several evidence which support the ancient astronaut theory. Discuss whether you agree or disagree to the evidence that you have identified.

          Many of us have seen a video about Alien and its still be a question which is the Alien is existed or not. Many scientist have make a research and come out with many evidence that alien is existed in this world and many of evidence is from past.

          The evidence that had been founded by scientist is at Egypt which is in Kyra. The French Archaeology found the bird that different from usual and its called Sakkara bird. The differences of Sakkara from other bird is at the wing and the tail and it more to be seem like higher technology system.

           The other evidence about existing of alien is at Columbia. At Columbia have jungle that been explore by scientist and they have found 100 of small gold and many of that is seem like fish and insect. Many of 100 gold that found is more similar to jet because from the logic thinking, no flying insect have a wing at bottom. From the research, scientist believe that the thing is came from other planet because we do not have a gold to be in like that.

            From the evidences that shown and prove by scientist, i strongly disagree with the statement that alien is existed because what the found is the object that more similar to the alien and do not have the evidence about the existing of alien it self and more to depend on weird object that they had founded. 


Super Size Me

Based on the facts presented in this documentary are you convinced that fast food is the main cause of obesity in United States and around the world?

  Obesity become a serious problem in the United States and in other developed countries. Many of them dont have enough time to cook and make a fast food restaurant such as McDonald, KFC, and Burger King as a first choice. The fast food restaurant also become a lovely place that they choose to make some discussion or other work especially at America. Each day, one of four people at America visited that kind of places and its become the major problem why they is influence in obesity problem.

   People also dont spend time to make an outdoor activity and they prefer to sit down at home and surfing the internet or playing video game. Besides, people use power tools like leaf blowers and machines such as riding mowers far more than rakes or push mowers and that women have taken on non-physically-oriented jobs in the workplace in record numbers. That can be prove why people especially in America can contributed in Obesity problem .

After watching the documentaries, its shown that fast food is not totally be blame for Obesity problem among them and its because their own fault and lifestyle until they are involve in that major problem. Fast food also have a nutrition function that good for body and if they still said that its not good, they can change the menu to others food that can give more benefit and its depend on themselves as a chooser.  

Gandhi My Father

Do you think Gandhi is responsible for the tragic end of his eldest son, Hariral

             I had watch the movie which is "Gandhi My Father" by Feroz Abbas Khan and the movie is quite interesting. It show about sacrificed Gandhi toward his country and at the same time abandon his own son, Hariral.  

           I think Gandhi is not responsible for his son dead, which is Hariral. Its because Hariral need to responsible to what he did until he's died. Many people say that Gandhi need to responsible toward his son in order to teach his son and he had doing his job greatly. The problem is came from his son because Hariral dont want to hear what is Gandhi said until he become in many social problem. Gandhi always patience with his son behavior and he never scolded Hariral.

             Gandhi is full responsible toward Hariral after his wife dead. He taking care of his son carefully and try to make Hariral to become like him, which is fight for India. But, all the effort is wasted because Hariral dont want to follow his father step and rather to be himself. He don't want to follow his father because all of the effort seem like nothing. So Hariral make his own destiny by doing many social problem until he had been prison for his criminal cases. For me, Gandhi is not responsible toward the illegal behavior that his son do until causes the tragic end of his eldest son.