Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Super Size Me

Based on the facts presented in this documentary are you convinced that fast food is the main cause of obesity in United States and around the world?

  Obesity become a serious problem in the United States and in other developed countries. Many of them dont have enough time to cook and make a fast food restaurant such as McDonald, KFC, and Burger King as a first choice. The fast food restaurant also become a lovely place that they choose to make some discussion or other work especially at America. Each day, one of four people at America visited that kind of places and its become the major problem why they is influence in obesity problem.

   People also dont spend time to make an outdoor activity and they prefer to sit down at home and surfing the internet or playing video game. Besides, people use power tools like leaf blowers and machines such as riding mowers far more than rakes or push mowers and that women have taken on non-physically-oriented jobs in the workplace in record numbers. That can be prove why people especially in America can contributed in Obesity problem .

After watching the documentaries, its shown that fast food is not totally be blame for Obesity problem among them and its because their own fault and lifestyle until they are involve in that major problem. Fast food also have a nutrition function that good for body and if they still said that its not good, they can change the menu to others food that can give more benefit and its depend on themselves as a chooser.  

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  1. that's true! fast food companies just follow customer demands, and fast food is not the main cause of obesity because it is actually depends on the people itself, they the one should be blame on their habits in taking the fast food without do any exercise :)