Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ancient Allien - The Evidence

State several evidence which support the ancient astronaut theory. Discuss whether you agree or disagree to the evidence that you have identified.

          Many of us have seen a video about Alien and its still be a question which is the Alien is existed or not. Many scientist have make a research and come out with many evidence that alien is existed in this world and many of evidence is from past.

          The evidence that had been founded by scientist is at Egypt which is in Kyra. The French Archaeology found the bird that different from usual and its called Sakkara bird. The differences of Sakkara from other bird is at the wing and the tail and it more to be seem like higher technology system.

           The other evidence about existing of alien is at Columbia. At Columbia have jungle that been explore by scientist and they have found 100 of small gold and many of that is seem like fish and insect. Many of 100 gold that found is more similar to jet because from the logic thinking, no flying insect have a wing at bottom. From the research, scientist believe that the thing is came from other planet because we do not have a gold to be in like that.

            From the evidences that shown and prove by scientist, i strongly disagree with the statement that alien is existed because what the found is the object that more similar to the alien and do not have the evidence about the existing of alien it self and more to depend on weird object that they had founded. 


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  1. i agree with you, because alien do not exist in the world. it is impossible if we as a human believe that alien exist and 'they' can do anything like a human :)